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We are looking for sociable people who are dedicated to the teaching profession and who love working with young children and everything it entails. Candidates must be dynamic, fun and feel highly motivated by what they do.

Their responsibilities consist of teaching classes, implementing student follow-up attendance records, grades and reports, completing online reports at the end of each term and performing other school-related tasks.

We offer: ongoing training in the Kids&Us company-developed METHODOLOGY and employment in a young, dynamic company of recognised prestige in the field of infant education.

Buscamos profesores sinámicos y con ganas de trabajr en un entorno diferente y único. Kids&Us es una escuela de inglés con metolodología propia y un aprendizaje dinámico, divertido y dirigido a potenciales nativos. Vuestros trabajo como profesores será asegurar un aprendizaje sin filtros, inmersivo, pero eso sí, siempre dándo lo mejor de vosotros mismo.

Requisits mínims

Advanced or Proficiency level of English (C1-C2)

Candidates with qualifications in Infant Education, Foreign Languages, Language and Literature, Translation and Interpretation and other similar types of qualification will be given preference.

Previous teaching EXPERIENCE will be a plus factor for candidates, as well as being adept at working and communicating with children.

Inglés C1 demostrable.

Compromiso curso completo.

Dinamismo, proactividad, trabajo en equipo.

Ganas de disfrutar.