Learn at home

Wesley Wimp

3-5 YEARS OLD years old


Original idea: Natàlia Perarnau                          
Number of pages: 21


READ ME A STORY COLLECTION: in this book, little Wesley Wimp has a very active imagination and he’s afraid of the dark because he believes there are monsters hiding in it. But then, one day, accompanied by the reader, he discovers that the night can reveal some wonderful surprises that are anything but scary.

Pedagogical content

With Wesley, the children follow instructions to find various hidden elements on each page. In doing so, they will learn vocabulary associated with the house, pets and their daily environment.

There is a special Wesley Wimp magnifying glass included, which will help them find the hidden objects.

The book has special "talking ink" in the book which can be heard with the aid of the Talking Pen, and it has luminescent ink that glows in the dark.

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