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Talking Pen

0-2, 2-4, 3-5 YEARS OLD, 5-7 years old

The pen that talks while you learn!

This is the most fun way of learning how to pronounce words properly. 

The Talking Pen is a digital pen that children can use to learn how to pronounce English in a fun and entertaining way. When the Talking Pen is held over the stars in stories from the Kids&Us course, the pen will read the text, bringing the characters in the story to life. The Talking Pen has been designed for one-year-olds and over.

It consists of a scanner, microphone and speaker, and it can read stories that have been printed using digital sound technology. The Talking Pen has a 4GB memory, so that a large number of books can be stored on it. As the pen reads stories in a foreign language, excellent sound quality is ensured.

Why use the Talking Pen? 

Using our digital pen has many advantages. We are aware that not all parents have a high enough level of English to be able to read their children a story with correct pronunciation, good diction and proper intonation. This is why the Talking Pen ensures that children are exposed to flawless English. With the Talking Pen, reading a story in English becomes an entertaining and relaxing experience to be enjoyed with the whole family. It is ideal for parents who want to expose their children to English through stories.

The Talking Pen can be used with or without headphones, and it is charged by connecting to the mains or a computer for a time period of up to 1.5 hours.

If the audio tracks are not available on the talking pen, they can be downloaded from our website. To do this, choose the audio tracks for the books you have purchased, connect the Talking Pen to a computer in the same way as you would a USB. Then save the downloaded files in the AP4 file on the Talking Pen.

All audio files for Kids&Us courses as well as the Betty Sheep and Gina Ginger stories, the Betty games and the Listen&Play book collection can be downloaded from the same place. 

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