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Play&Learn with Numbers

0-2 years old


Original idea: Natàlia Perarnau
Illustrations: Susanna Sala                                
Number of pages: 10  


PLAY&LEARN COLLECTION: The Baby Book Play&Learn with Numbers comprises two parts: one where the child explores by placing the Talking Pen on the different items and listening to a description, and then the other where the child is asked a question by placing the Talking Pen on a question mark and then has to find the answer.

Although the baby book can be enjoyed with or without the Talking Pen, we recommend using the Talking Pen for the following two reasons:

- So the child has the opportunity to listen to authentic English.

- To encourage parents to participate in the book, even if they don’t feel very confident speaking English.

Pedagogical content

Play&Learn with Numbers takes children on a journey through the numbers from 1-10, as well as learning different words such as fox, bee, flowers, stars and so on. All content is tailored to and suitable for children aged from 9 to 24 months old.

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