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Gina Ginger and Charlie Chives - The Perfect Pet

5-7 years old


Original idea: Natàlia PerarnauIllustrations: Susanna SalaNumber of pages: 25


READ ME A STORY COLLECTION: In the new story, a little boy the same age as Gina, Charlie, moves into the house next door. Gina introduces him to her pets, a cat and dog, but complains that looking after them is too much hard work. Charlie, however, tells Gina that he has the ideal pet - a chameleon! A fairy tries to help Gina and decides to play some magic on the animals. Will it work? Carry on reading and discover the surprise sounds on each page that make this story even more fun!

Pedagogical content

With Gina and Charlie, children will learn vocabulary based on pets and the chores associated with looking after them. They will also revise people's moods.

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