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Betty Sheep Numbers - How many?

2-4 years old

Betty Sheep Numbers - How many?

Preparation instructions

Play and learn the numbers from one to six with Betty Sheep!                                                                                                                            

Download the document and print it out, preferably on white card.

It's recommended that you play Memory with black and white playing cards for the first few days.
Cut out the playing cards. Spread out the objects playing cards face up on the table. Place the numbers playing cards face down in a pile. The child takes one of the numbers and calls it out (you can help them if necessary). For example, “It’s number six”. Then, encourage them to find the playing card with six objects. You can do this by asking the child, “How many + name of object + are there?” while showing the different playing cards until they find the right one. You can also help them by saying, “Find six footprints”, and getting the child to say, “Here!” when they find the right playing card.

Now you can start playing!

Required material

Six playing cards with the numbers from one to six.

Six playing cards with numbers of objects.

Educational goals

To learn the numbers from one to six and to consolidate vocabulary from the story. For example, “It’s number...”, “Number + object”.

Vocabulary: umbrellas, wellies, snails, ducks, toadstool, footprints. 

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