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Bed Time & Bath Time Puzzle

0-2 years old


PLAY&LEARN COLLECTION. The table game Bed time & Bath time Puzzle is double-sided: on one side the child listens by placing the Talking Pen on the different items and listening to a description, and on the other side, which is a scene, the child plays with the puzzle by placing the Talking Pen on the question mark. 

Although it can be used with or without the Talking Pen, we recommend playing the Kids&Us’ Play&Learn games with the Talking Pen for the following two reasons: 

 -So boys and girls have the opportunity to listen to authentic English. 
 -To encourage parents to participate in the game, even if they don’t feel very confident speaking English.

Pedagogical content 

The objective of the game Bedtime&Bathtime Puzzle  is to listen to and learn the objects found in the bathroom and the bedroom.  All content is tailored to and suitable for children aged from 9-24 months old.





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