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Cool Off Kids&Us

Cool Off by Kids&Us

What is Cool Off?

Cool Off English Camps by Kids&Us have your children in mind so they can really enjoy an authentic language immersion experience.

With an unbeatable setting and alongside our teachers and activity leaders, your girls and boys will experience magical adventures especially designed and created by the Pedagogical Department of Kids&Us.

These camps are perfect for Kids&Us students and have the principal aim of ensuring that all the groups have a uniform level.

Main goals

The aim of our camps is for boys and girls to take advantage of the summer by learning English while they have fun and do activities in a wonderful setting. That is why we have taken into account all the factors we consider essential to your children spending a memorable week with us.

The Kids&Us Pedagogical Department has carefully designed the daily activities of our camps to ensure the boys and girls enjoy the scheduled activities while they learn English. In addition to learning vocabulary and new structures in English, we focus on very important values, such as tolerance, respect and living together. Through the theme of the week we will discover new ways of living and thinking.

Our values

Working within a fictional context allows us to let our students’ imaginations and fantasies take off.

The entire camp programme is designed so that the boys and girls identify as much as possible with the theme at hand, as this allows us to connect with them better, which will let them enjoy themselves and make the most of their time here.


Enjoy a full linguistic immersion experience.