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What is Kids&Theatre?

Kids&Theatre is an extracurricular theatre activity in English, in addition to Kids&Us language classes. The course consists of weekly sessions culminating in the performance of a musical play at the end of each term.

Who is it for?

Kids&Theatre is for 4 to 7-year-old students who study English at Kids&Us. The plays and songs have been written by Kids&Us educational experts to ensure that the vocabulary and structures are suitable for the children's level.

There are between 6 and 10 children at most in each group, and children are not split up into age-based groups.

Where does it take place?

Kids&Theatre is conducted in the school as a complementary extracurricular activity, in addition to the Kids&Us courses.

How long does it last?

The Kids&Theatre course comprises 36 sessions + 6 extra sessions, which last for one hour.

What does Kids&Theatre consist of?

Classes are fun and lively. Rehearsals are alternated with acting activities and games involving mime, sound, movement, music and craft activities to make props that will be used in the play.

The teacher only uses English to communicate with students in Kids&Theatre classes. That way, English is not only used for the final performance but also throughout the entire process of preparing the play.

What are the goals of Kids&Theatre?

The main goal of Kids&Theatre is for children to develop theatrical skills in English. It also has the following goals:

  • Spur imagination and creativity;
  • Increase means of expression: physical expression through body language, vocal expression through sound and singing and linguistic expression through using set phrases and vocabulary;
  • Improve fluency in English;
  • Gain exposure to the language;
  • Have fun.
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