Discover the Kids&Us franchise model
Discover the Kids&Us franchise model

The success of working well as a team

Kids&Us franchisees give a score of 8.5/10  for the know-how received from the Head Office and the brand image. In addition, their level of satisfaction, an indicator of whether they would recommend and repeat the experience, is 8 out of 10.

36% of current franchisees have 2 or more Kids&Us schools.

A survey of more than 30,000 Kids&Us parents revealed that the average result for overall satisfaction, intention to recommend and intention to re-enrol, and satisfaction compared to last year was 8.56 out of 10.

The loyalty index for students is 88.67% across all the Kids&Us schools.

The best testimony to the succés of joining Kids&Us project is the corrent franchisee’s satisfaction with the project. Therefore, here they tell you for themselves and in their own words, about the success of Kids&Us. They are franchisees from different areas and with different profiles, who have all opted for our franchise model.

  • Sean Williamson, Kids&Us franchisee in Paracuellos

    Sean Williamson, English teacher

    After working for 5 years as an English teacher in Spain, Sean considered the next step in his professional career. He decided to open his own English school, however, after learning about Kids&Us, he decided to take this step hand in hand with the leading company in the sector in Spain.

    When you start with Kids&Us not only do you get a great name, you also get all the planning and preparation, which is even more important. I couldn’t prepare my classes as well as Kids&Us does, probably because they have 20 people working on them. I would never have been able to do this on my own: the material, the design... you have a lot of advantages when you open a Kids&Us school.
  • Víctor Gassó, Kids&Us Franchise Holder for Segovia & Avila

    Víctor Gassó, English Philologist

    In 2016, Víctor Gassó, English Philologist, opened his first Kids&Us school in Segovia. He is now set to open his second school, in Avila, in time for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. 

    In a medium-sized city, everyone knows everyone, and information spreads rapidly by word-of-mouth.  When things are done well, people hear about it all over the city, which leads to a good reputation that will guarantee success. 
  • Laurent Avella, Master Franchisee of Kids&Us in Belgium

    Laurent Avella is the Master Franchisee in Belgium and Luxembourg.

    Laurent joined the Kids&Us project in 2012. During the 2017-2018 academic year, Belgium grew to have twelve schools located throughout the country.

    I think the results justify the investment and the effort made, and I hope we'll have even more growth in the future.
  • Claudia Torrisi, Master Franchisee of Kids&Us in Italy

    Claudia Torrisi is the Master Franchisee in Italy.

    Claudia joined the Kids&Us project in 2011. Today Kids&Us is expanding in Italy, where there are currently 17 schools located throughout the country. 

    The head office has really been with me throughout this whole trip... we have found the way together.
  • Mar Guerrero, Master Franchisee of Kids&Us in Northeast France

    Mar Guerrero is the Master Franchisee in Northeast France.

    Mar joined the Kids&Us project in 2012. Today Kids&Us continues to expand France, where there are currently 11 schools in the 2017-2018 academic year.

    We see more spontaneous candidates that are calling us to open new schools... parents are looking for better alternatives... because what (it) is offered today (it) is not enough.
  • Patricia Wallis, Master Franchisee of Kids&Us in Belgium

    Patricia Wallis is the Master Franchisee in Belgium and Luxembourg.

    She joined the Kids&Us project in 2012. This 2017-2018 academic year, Belgium has twelve schools located throughout the country.

    We wanted something that we could closely identify with. When you are going to launch a project for yourself, you have to believe in it; you have to be married to the idea because you will have to invest so many hours, days, months and years that you have to love it; so we discarded everything else from the minute we learnt more.
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