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No, it’s not magic; it’s the Talking Pen! And it gives all our books and stories a voice of their own

Published 01/12/2020 by Kids&Us

The Talking Pen is the digital reader that reads all our books and stories with the correct intonation and pronunciation and which is here to help us introduce English into our daily lives at home, so that you can devote yourself to what matters most: enjoying quality family moments.  

If you’re already thinking about Christmas, you’ll be pleased to know that the Talking Pen is a fantastic gift that brings together learning and fun and is suitable for all ages. It gives all our books a voice, almost as if by magic, and allows you to access additional content that is hidden in the titles of our publishing line, converting them into interactive books. In addition, the Talking Pen can also be used with books for all the Kids&Us courses from the youngest, the babies who learn with Mousy (English for children from 1-year old) to the oldest. 

How does the Talking Pen work? 

It seems like magic, but not quite. All our books are embedded with talking ink, so all you need to do is place the Talking Pen over the pages to make the stories come to life and keep your children enthralled. In addition, it’s a portable device which is safe and easy to use with little ones and which guarantees the best pronunciation, diction and intonation. 

With the Kids&Us books in English, fun is guaranteed, and learning too!  

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