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Open enrolment for 2021-2022!

Published 15/09/2021 by Kids&Us

At Kids&Us our learning method is based on how we acquire our mother tongue, a method that breaks the mould of traditional teaching methods. Why would we learn a new language any differently from the way we learnt our native language?

The Natural English method developed by Kids&Us allows children to learn English step by step, following the same natural order as when learning the mother tongue.

1. Listen: daily exposure to English.
2. Understand: courses adapted to the experiences of each age group.
3. Speak: give voice to the children so they can express their feelings.
4. Read and write: as a result of the previous steps.

Following this philosophy, the courses at Kids&Us aren’t divided by levels, but by age of the students. Discover the stages clicking this link!

Kids&Us’ end goal is for all the new generations to achieve a high level in spoken English, which provides them with the confidence to open the doors to their future and tear down any walls that may stand in their path.

Write to us to reserve your child’s place!

The sooner they start learning English, the sooner it will become second nature to them.

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