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Many Monsters: the debut of the new characters from the Kids&Us Universe

Published 20/11/2017 by Kids&Us
Nori Nosy Book

The day has finally come: Kids&Us has once again published innovative content, dazzling us with a collection of books specially designed for children between 3 and 5 years of age which will enable them to share new adventures with a set of unique characters: the Many Monsters.

The Many Monsters are monstrously endearing characters with unique characteristics. Each of them is special. Would you like to get to know them?


Nori Nosy, the first of the many Monsters.

The first monster you’ll meet is Nori Nosy. With soft turquoise hair, she is the most curious of all the Many Monsters. With her inseparable magnifying glass, she is able to find anything which disappears.

Nori and her family are having a birthday party today, but they can’t leave until they’ve finished tidying up. With her magnifying glass, Nori will have to look for everything they can’t find.


The book includes a magnifying glass and works with the Talking Pen

With the magnifying glass which accompanies the book, readers will be able to help Nori and discover lots of other surprises. In addition, with the Talking Pen you’ll be able to read the book to your children with authentic pronunciation.


Get your copy from our school before they’re sold out, as they’re monstrously irresistible!

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