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‘A New Twist’: an innovative campaign for a flexible method

Published 08/09/2020 by Kids&Us

A New Twist’ is the new campaign by Kids&Us for the school year 2020-2021, and it embodies the essence of our methodology like never before; a methodology that evolves.  

The Kids&Us method is flexible and it has adapted to the needs of a new global, educational scenario. ‘A New Twist’ embodies this flexibility and guarantees that our students learn English irrespective of their environment or scenario.  

Respecting the essence that characterises the Kids&Us methodology: reproducing the natural process of acquiring our mother tongue, ‘A New Twist’ is an example of how Kids&Us has evolved to cope with a pandemic that has put the whole world in check.  

Media campaign 

The world changes and also the way our children learn. This is the message behind the advert that you will be able to see during the media campaign that we are running, and which in turn also expresses our commitment with the families. Because at Kids&Us, children learn English whatever happens.  

You will be able to see the campaign spot until 13 September, on the channels in the Atresmedia and Mediaset groups, and also in other online environments.  

Watch the advert of the new Kids&Us campaign here: ‘A New Twist’. 

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