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Happy World Children's Day!

Published 20/11/2020 by Kids&Us

In 1954, the United Nations established 20 November as one of the most important dates in their calendar, and since then World Children's Day has been celebrated each year. This acted as a starting point for bringing together boys and girls from all over the world, through inspiring ways of defending and celebrating their rights and building a better world for them.

In addition, World Children's Day is also the celebration of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1959) and the passing of the Rights of the Child (1989), an international treaty that serves to protect their rights and consolidate them as fundamental in childhood and youth. What are these rights?

  • The right to an identity.
  • The right to life, well-being and development.
  • The right to protection from exploitation.
  • The right to observe and participate.

At Kids&Us we feel deeply committed to the education of children, as well as to our adolescents and young people. Our mission is to offer them all the tools that we have at our disposal so that they develop their maximum abilities in English. This will help them overcome barriers and will open doors to news and enriching experiences: to study, to work, the travel, etc.

Today we explain what the rights of children are. This is the first step to seeing them grow and turn into responsible adults. In the movement for equality and rights for children, every little helps.

Happy World Children's Day!

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