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It must be summer! The Kids&Us Summer Readers are back!

Published 02/06/2021 by Kids&Us

Kids&Us presents Summer Readers, our proposal for reading and playing in English over the summer, designed as the perfect complement to learning outside the classroom.

Our comprehensive knowledge tells us that language learning goes beyond the classroom. For this reason, the Pedagogical team that develops the courses has also created an editorial universe that is a perfect complement to continue learning English during the holiday period. It is also a way of consolidating everything that has been learnt in class throughout the year.

With Summer Readers, English leaves the classroom to form part of the families’ daily routine.

Summer Readers with or without the Talking Pen

Kids&Us has created the “Talking Pen”, a digital audio reading pen, which is the perfect companion to the collections of books, games, and stories from Kids&Us and is also an extremely fun way of learning how to pronounce English correctly. All Summer Readers products, with the exception of the Readers collection, can be complemented with the Talking Pen.

Pay a visit to your Kids&Us school and find out everything about our book and game collection!

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