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We are getting ready for the Halloween Fun Weeks at Kids&Us schools

Published 27/10/2020 by Kids&Us

Obviously, this is not one of the most typical years we can remember, but there are things that cannot change. Therefore, at Kids&Us we have already prepared everything to enjoy the Fun Weeks that terrify us the most, the Halloween Fun Weeks! We will enjoy one of our favourite weeks among pumpkins, witches, fancy dress costumes … everything you can imagine, you will find in our city camps, that are 100% in English. 

The themes that we have prepared for this year are Dinosaurs and Incredible Machines. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live Halloween in prehistoric times, surrounded by large dinosaurs? And imagine if machines could walk or run, would they have a fancy-dress party and dress up as pumpkins? We will resolve all your doubts with the Kids&Us Halloween Fun Weeks. 

The city Fun Week camps are a trademark of Kids&Us. They were created so that children from 3 to 10 years old remained in contact with English during the school holidays. During the camps, the little ones are immersed in theme weeks 100% in English, full of fun activities; they meet new friends while learning structures and vocabulary in English through playing, and virtually without realising. 

Your children will be immersed in the language in a different, playful environment during Halloween. The best way to continue learning English is to have fun!  

Ask your Kids&Us school for more information, and book a place today for your child or children for the Halloween Fun Weeks!  

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