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Find the perfect gift for Christmas!

Published 10/12/2021 by Kids&Us

This Christmas... give English!

Kids&Us’ Natural Gifts catalogue has a wide variety of ways for children of all ages to enjoy the magic of reading over Christmas, which will also allow them to practise English outside the classroom too. The catalogue includes over 20 books with stories that will fill the children with wonder, like the adventures of Gina Ginger and Charlie Chives, the stories of the little lamb Betty Sheep, and the characters from the exciting Many Monsters collection. The older students will adore the wild adventures of the Readers collection.

Aside from books, the catalogue also includes soft toys, games, and puzzles for children aged 1 or over. Additionally, it also includes the Talking Pen, the digital reader that reads Kids&Us books in perfect English, turning them into interactive books with additional content. All of these products were created by the pedagogical team at Kids&Us with the objective being that they stimulated the children’s communication and comprehension skills through games and reading.

For more information, you can visit the online shop.

Find the perfect gift! Merry Christmas!

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