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English as a path to growth and the future

Published 21/09/2020 by Kids&Us

Every 21 September is the European Day of Languages and during this celebration the members of the Council of Europe encourage the more than 800 million Europeans to learn new languages, at any age. For its part, the European Commission is working with some European governments to achieve an ambitious goal: that all citizens should learn at least two foreign languages and that this learning should begin at an early age.

Although learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint, it is during the first years of life that we are most receptive to integrating it unconsciously. And, it is precisely this innate ability present in the youngest children that the Kids&Us method of learning English for children takes advantage of. The Kids&Us methodology is based on the reproduction of the mother tongue acquisition process, an infallible process that follows a determined, natural, and spontaneous order.

The Method and Quality Manager at Kids&Us, Marta García, insists that "despite their young age, babies turn out to be exceptional linguists. From 0 to 36 months, human beings go from crying as a means of communication to the construction of almost perfect sentences".

At Kids&Us we are aware of the benefits of learning a second or third language. On the one hand, there is the wealth of knowledge and on the other hand, the possibility of being able to communicate in a global world without restrictions. Therefore, in the spirit of the European Day of Languages, we encourage you to learn English and to see language learning as a path that leads to growth and to the future.

Kids&Us: English as a path to growth and the future
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