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Gina Ginger and Charlie Chives will make you dream in English

Published 23/07/2019 by Kids&Us

From our commitment to giving boys and girls all the tools they will need to face a future without limits, comes a very special marketing action: Dream in English. At Kids&Us, babies feel in English, children play in English and teenagers are motivated in English. Now we want our students to dream in English as well.

Dream in English is a short 45-second animation in which Gina Ginger and Charlie Chives, two of the stars of our book collection, travel through the land of dreams and invite all the children to dream in English. The dream fairy will be there to make sure this happens.

The Dream in English action is part of Kids&Us' new campaign for the coming academic year 2019-2020: the English Formula. Over all these years of accumulated experience, we have consolidated our essence and formed a unique way of teaching English. Based on nature, it adapts to the way our students grow and develop and helps them to make the most of all their potential.

We are very proud to introduce the Kids&Us campaign with the most chemistry, a fresh and clear image which breathes modernity and transmits confidence and trust in a tried and tested method. Our students have the potential and we have the formula to unlock it!

Watch Dream in English and then do just that! 

Kids&Us Dream In English
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