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This year Kids&Us helps you to get back into the routine

Published 19/08/2019 by Kids&Us

The new school year is just around the corner and, as always, at Kids&Us we're looking forward to it with renewed enthusiasm. We feel those butterflies in our stomachs before the first day of term and a strong desire to see our classrooms once again filled with smiling faces ready to learn.

For us, the end of the summer holidays is always the beginning of something very special, and this year we have decided to help you with the arduous task of getting back into the daily term-time routine. During the months of May and June, Gina Ginger and her inseparable buddy Charlie Chives took to television to help the littlest ones to get to sleep. Bedtime is a part of every family's daily routine, and Kids&Us wants to be there to help the little ones get the hours of sleep they need to face each new day with their batteries fully charged. With the Dream in English marketing action, Gina and Charlie travel through the land of dreams and invite the boys and girls to dream in English.

You can see our special advert during the months of September (from the 10 onwards) and October on Disney Channel, between 8 pm and 9 pm. Or whenever you want on our YouTube channel .

OK, so the holidays are almost over, the days are getting shorter and everything good is coming to an end… But there are many proverbs and fantastic expressions about new beginnings and they are all about getting back into a routine, which is so important if we have young children.

Our students have the potential… and we have the formula!

This year, chemistry, which is present in every aspect of nature, provides the theme for a new fresh and clear image which feels modern and conveys the message that the Kids&Us method is based on proven facts. You can't argue with science!

At Kids&Us, babies feel in English, children play in English and teens are motivated in English. They have the potential and we have the formula so they can learn English.

Welcome back to the routine! Happy new school year!

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