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Saluting all the Kids&Us teachers

Published 05/10/2020 by Kids&Us

The most poignant World Teacher’s Day in recent years will be held under the heading: “Teachers: lead in crisis situations, reinvent the future”. Teacher’s day gives us the opportunity to salute the teaching profession around the world, and thank them for their effort to ensure nobody lags behind. 

This year, remembering the effort and commitment by teachers in the profession, means more than ever. During the month of April, nearly all the countries in the world closed their schools and education centres in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. School closure affected 90% of the school population enrolled around the world, that means more than 1,570 million students1. 

During the first months of the healthcare crisis, the response from the educational centres, including all the Kids&Us schools, focused on continuing the students’ learning process at home, using all the resources available to them, adapting activities, picking up classes online wherever possible, etc. 

This dedication has resulted in the digitalisation of the Kids&Us methodology, and the creation of two platforms that will enable the Kids&Us students to continue learning English, whatever happens, and in any situation that COVID-19 may create. We cannot afford to miss one single day of class.  

Specialised training, empathy and commitment 

All the Kids&Us teachers, currently more than 3,500, have the minimum C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, have passed a selection process that consists of an oral and written test and, to ensure that the Kids&Us method is implemented correctly, they do initial training before starting to give classes in our schools. Each teacher has a corporative training plan that includes continuous training and recycling actions. Also, this school year we have added a new training to their curriculum, which prepares them for online teaching where necessary. 

The passion for teaching, empathy, and the ability to motivate children to learn, as well as their commitment to teaching quality and excellence, are the characteristics that define the Kids&Us teachers. 

To all the teachers around the world, thank you for your hard work and commitment, to ensure that nobody lags behind. 


*Data from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation). 

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