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Cool Off 2016 takes students to the Land of Smiles!

Published 26/07/2016
Cool Off news Kids&Us

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the Kids&Us star summer activities is Cool Off, a summer camp programme run exclusively for 7 to 13-year-old Kids&Us students. Our summer camp programmes are based on full linguistic immersion. This summer, Cool Off will see your kids set sail on a larger-than-life adventure in Thailand, the Land of Smiles. While on the summer camp, kids will explore the frenetic city of Bangkok, find tranquillity in a majestic temple, navigate to a tropical island and revel at a party on the beach.

New summer camp facility opened in Guadalajara.

The main new development of this year's Cool Off programme is the addition of a new summer camp location. As well as the summer camp in Molí de la Riera in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona), we will be using a new facility in the central area of Spain: the Refugio del Alto Rey in Condemios de Arriba (Guadalajara). This year, not only can you choose the dates of your Cool Off programme but you can also choose the destination! The Kids&Us pedagogical department has designed all the teaching material and activities to ensure an optimum balance between learning English and having fun, making Cool Off an unforgettable experience for kids this summer. As well as providing continuity and reinforcing concepts worked on throughout the school year, our students will also work on core values such as tolerance, respect and integration, while discovering new ways of thinking and experiencing life. At the same time, full linguistic immersion in English is ensured. For the reasons outlined above, Kids&Us Cool Off summer camps are only open to Kids&Us students, to ensure that language levels and ages are standardised.

Please request further information from your school, or visit the website: www.kidscooloff.com 

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