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Everything is ready for the start of the new school year at Kids&Us

Published 13/08/2018 by Kids&Us

Kids&Us is entering the final straight of the summer, intensifying its advertising campaign on social networks.

With The Beauty of Learning, the campaign for the new school year, Kids&Us not only wishes to transmit the concept of beauty that can be found in learning, but also to give value to the linguistic skills that the children acquire and which allow them to spread their wings securely in a world full of possibilities.

Ready to spread their wings to the world

Kids&Us, the revolutionary method for learning English from the child's first year of life up to the late teens, ended the last school year with more than 115,000 students and 376 schools in 8 countries. All of the schools already have everything ready to start a new academic year with the same enthusiasm as every year and with the excitement of seeing how their students grow and learn.

Watch the main video of The Beauty of Learning campaign!

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