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After giving your all throughout the school year, we wish you a Happy Summer!

Published 04/06/2018 by Kids&Us
Happy Summer from Kids&Us

Although our students have had a great time in class, they have worked very hard during the year to achieve the best linguistic skills in the new language. For this reason, at Kids&Us we want to wish them a Happy Summer!

Our children have a summer full of evenings at the pool with friends, trips and ice creams ahead of them. And they should enjoy it to the full! But, as in summer the days are long and there is time for everything, we want to remind them of the importance of also keeping their English alive during this break, in an enjoyable and entertaining way.

A universe of fun and rewarding activities

At Kids&Us we are very aware of the importance of consolidating the learning acquired during the school year and the summer is a magnificent opportunity to do so. For this reason, we are proposing a series of fun and refreshing ideas for our children to continue learning English over the summer.

The Pedagogical Department of Kids&Us has developed a series of activities that adapt to what our students have been learning depending on the course they have done over the year. This way, they will keep their English fresh during the summer holidays following the Natural English method from Kids&Us.

In the following links you can find the different activities for them to keep in touch with English, according to the different age ranges:

Babies & Kids


All of the suggested products, designed so that you will have an amazing summer and to continue learning English can be found at your Kids&Us school.

We want you to recharge your batteries to be full of energy and English and to have a Happy Summer!

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