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This summer refresh your English with ‘Summer Readers’

Published 21/05/2018 by Kids&Us
Summer readers by Kids&Us

Summer Readers brings you a multitude of adventures to fill the long summer evenings. Kids&Us offers you its collections of books and games so you can keep in touch with English outside the classroom this summer.

Kids&Us conceives language learning comprehensively, and this goes beyond our school buildings. For this reason, the Pedagogical Department that develops the courses has also created an editorial universe that is a perfect complement to continue learning English during the holiday period. It is also a way of consolidating everything that has been learnt in class throughout the year.


A universe of stimuli, in 100% English for all ages

Summer Readers’ includes entertaining and literary offers for all ages from 9 months to 13 years, with stories and unparalleled adventures, all in English.

- Babies (0-2 years): The Play&Learn collection is designed for the little ones, as it has books especially designed for babies up to 2 years old. With the Baby Books and puzzle games they will discover new vocabulary in English.  

- Kids (2-10 years): The Kids collections are full of memorable characters. We will find the adventures of the mischievous redhead Gina Ginger, the curious Betty Sheep and her friend Catty, the Many Monsters collection, with the observant Nori Nosy leading the way, and the Listen&Play books, with more than 40 games to complement what they have learnt during the school year.

All of the books from the Babies and Kids collections work with our revolutionary super digital Talking Pen reader. This gadget is linked to our collections of books, games, stories and materials, and is also the most fun way of listening to our stories in perfect English.

- Tweens&Teens (+8 years): For the older boys and girls we suggest reading the fun stories of the superheroes Holly and Billy in an entertaining and active way, as well as the books from the Readers collection, in which readers must solve several activities to be able to continue reading.


With ‘Summer Readers’, English leaves the classroom to form part of the families’ daily routine.

Pay a visit to your Kids&Us school and find out everything about our book and game collection!

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