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Passion for teaching languages to our youngest learners, constant innovation and providing daily support to our franchisees is our raison d'être.

Discover the Kids&Us franchise model

What is Kids&Us?

Kids&Us is a successful business model with a long history that began in 2003. It currently has 300 schools and over 90,000 students. The fact that 36% of our franchisees own more than one school is clear proof of our success.

The franchisee receives initial training on all aspects and processes concerned with the optimal performance of their school as well as a continuous training programme.

A 360º experience

Kids&Us is not just another language school. Kids&Us is a brand with a tried and tested pedagogical method and a strong desire to constantly innovate and improve. Our method sets us apart and the Kids&Us universe makes us one of a kind.

All the pedagogical materials that we create and develop are designed taking into consideration children´s interests throughout every stage of their development. Kids&Us materials are unique, exclusive and of the highest quality; we want to offer families a wide range of options for encouraging their children to learn English.

The fact that Kids&Us develops its own pedagogical materials that are suitable for each age group provides added value for who we are truly working for: the children.

Another key factor in the success of Kids&Us Schools is their look and feel. The schools are special spaces designed for children, presenting them with a world of colour that conveys a love of learning and, in turn, stimulates the great potential that exists in all of them.

Discover the Kids&Us 360º Universe

Kids&Us at your service

Being a Kid&Us franchise owner means having a team of over 85 professionals who will assist you in different areas. The following services are provided to a new franchisee when they join Kids&Us:

  • Advice on choosing suitable premises for your Kids&Us School
  • Support during the opening process
  • Adjustment and implementation of the corporate image- interior design project
  • Explanation of the communication strategies necessary to ensure customer acquisition, student retention and brand recognition
  • Annual campaign
  • Initial and continuous training programmes for the franchisee, for teachers and new professionals in existing schools in addition to refresher seminars
  • Quality audits: internal quality control observations performed at the schools by the Head Office. These ensure good service and proper implementation of the Kids&Us processes and method.
  • Constant improvement and evolution of the Kids&Us method and all its products and services: procedures, manuals, new activities, pedagogical material, etc. Kids&Us is always evolving and developing.
Our Openings Coordination Department exists solely to assist you when you launch a new school. From day one, they will help you to achieve the goals set out in the business plan.

I want to be a part of Kids&Us

Kids&Us is an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are passionate about education and children.

The Kids&Us franchise model allows franchisees to enjoy running their own business, safe in the knowledge that they can rely on the support and expertise of our team at the Head Office.

We put all the necessary tools in your hands so you can manage your business optimally and efficiently.

What qualities are we looking for?

We seek entrepreneurs who are passionate about education and children.

  • Entrepreneurship and business orientation
  • Commercial proactivity
  • Culture of compliance- Franchisees must understand that processes and procedures which are established by the Head Office must be adhered to.
  • Solid commitment to the brand to ensure the proper development of your franchised unit
  • Investment capacity
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