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The Future 2

Discover the Kids&Us The Future 2 course

The Future 2

+16 years old

Perfection. Planet Earth has been destroyed and the only survivors are on a huge spaceship called Virtualis. The survivors are searching for a new planet to colonise thus ensuring the future of the human race. Life is seemingly calm on board as citizens are kept well-fed and entertained. Nevertheless, below the apparent tranquillity, unforeseen dangers lie ahead for our main characters, Pike and Zena. Forced to fight for survival, they discover the sinister plans which the powers that be have in store for them.

Course objectives:

To obtain a level equivalent to that of the Cambridge Advanced (CAE), i.e. level C1 of the CEFR. Regarding vocabulary, we continue to build on it, seeking the subtle differences between expressions and words that at first glance may seem to be synonyms.

Class length:

1 hour 30 minutes, twice a week

Number of students per class:


Talking about the future in order to reveal the present:

Through dystopian stories set in the not too distant future, we can address more complex issues such as politics, society, or environmental disasters. As the students’ knowledge of the world expands and opens up to new realities beyond their everyday lives, we can also expand their linguistic knowledge: the necessary vocabulary to talk about more specialised subjects and more complicated structures to communicate more complex ideas. 


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  • Kids&Us The Future 2 student course
  • Kids&Us The Future 2 student course
  • Kids&Us The Future 2 student course
  • Kids&Us The Future 2 student course
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