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Discover the Kids&Us Sam course


3 years old

Sam is a very lively boy who is keen to discover the world around him. Throughout the course he experiences situations that students relate to, such as celebrating his birthday, starting to do things by himself (going to the toilet, getting dressed, feeding himself, etc.), going to the park, to the zoo, and on a picnic.

Course objectives:

To gain general understanding of the stories used throughout the course and to communicate with their classmates and teacher using simple constructions.

Class length:

60 minutes, once a week

Number of students per class:


Starting to be “grown-up”:

Although we continue to use a soft toy and many songs in Sam classes, this does not mean that the course is babyish. We raise linguistic expectations of our students by requiring them to start using complete structures rather than just single words.

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  • Kids&Us Sam student class
  • Kids&Us Sam student class
  • Kids&Us Sam student class
  • Kids&Us Sam student class
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