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Discover the Kids&Us Ben&Brenda course


+7 years old

Pam and Paul are two very mischievous twins who go through all sorts of situations combining everyday life with fantasy. Taking into account the characteristics of this age group (getting up to mischief, fascination with magic, expanding their general knowledge of the world, etc.), students find out about the following subjects: taking care of a puppy, doing some housework, always wanting to buy something and to get their own way, thinking that a thief may have stolen their mum’s bag, travelling to different countries and experiencing other cultures, etc.

Course objectives:

To take full advantage of all the linguistic skills that they have acquired in previous courses. In this course students talk about themselves and their immediate surroundings with complex and increasingly spontaneous phrases.

Class length:

60 minutes, once a week

Number of students per class:


More flexibility in the use of language:

As students remember more vocabulary and are able to apply more structures, they begin to create sentences more autonomously. 

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  • Kids&Us Pam&Paul student class
  • Kids&Us Pam&Paul student class
  • Kids&Us Pam&Paul student class
  • Kids&Us Pam&Paul student class
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