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Kids&Us Marcia course


+6 years old

Marcia is a girl with magical powers who  undergoes different experiences throughout the course that captivate students, as they combine everyday life with fantasy; for example: thinking that there is an alien at home, wanting to take her pet to school, going on a day-out with her family, preparing a special meal for a relative, etc.

Course objectives:

To consolidate the knowledge acquired in previous years and to expand this to build increasingly complex sentence. This course is a turning point in the Kids&Us method because the language we work with is very rich in idioms and children make an important leap in their linguistic level.

Class length:

60 minutes, once a week

Number of students per class:


Making the most of their energy:

The energy of this age group is channelled with many short and varied activities: songs, stories, card games, movements, mime, stickers, etc. In all of these, we create opportunities for students to use the language and communicate as much as possible.

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  • Kids&Us Marcia student class
  • Kids&Us Marcia student class
  • Kids&Us Marcia student class
  • Kids&Us Marcia student class
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