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Fairy Tales 1

Kids&Us Fairy Tales 1 course

Fairy Tales 1

+11 years old

In the Fairy Tales stage, our students learn through modern adaptations of traditional fairy tales.

Red Riding Hoody: Our modern Little Red Riding Hood is a young BMX champion who wears a hoody which was a present from her grandmother.

Cindi and her Lucky Scarf: This exotic Cinderella comes from a war-torn country. Sent to a foster family in Europe, she manages to change her fate by singing in a competition in Disneyland.


Course objectives:

To increase the students’ linguistic repertoire with varied structures and vocabulary, both orally and in writing.

Class length:

1 hour 30 minutes, twice a week

Number of students per class:


Idiomatic expressions:

In this course we take the stories which the students read and listen to so that they can learn idiomatic expressions in context. This will make their discourse much richer.

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  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 1 student class
  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 1 student class
  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 1 student class
  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 1 student class
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