English for children from 14 years old

Mysteries 2

In adolescence, the brain acquires the ability to think in the abstract. This allows the secondary students to easily understand language’s complex rules, which they will then put into practice in their English conversations, thus achieving more precise language. 

Course objectives:

The main objective of this course is for the students to achieve a level equivalent to the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE), equivalent to level B2 of the CEFR. The students will perfect their writing abilities by working on extensive texts like essays, stories, articles or reports which include a wide variety of words and complex structures.  

Class length:

1 hour 30 minutes, twice per week.

Number of students per class:

8 students per week.


At this level of English, special emphasis is placed on learning through detective stories. These allow the 14-year-olds to learn while strengthening their reading ability in a fun and participative environment. They will understand the main ideas in long texts as well as specific details. 


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  • Kids&Us Mystery 2 student course
  • Kids&Us Mystery 2 student course
  • Kids&Us Mystery 2 student course
  • Kids&Us Mystery 2 student course
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