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Discover the Kids&Us Emma course


+4 years old

Emma is a very bright girl who experiences lots of different situations throughout the course which are very familiar to all the students, for example: going shopping, visiting her grandparents’ farm, having a bath, cooking, etc.

Course objectives:

To understand the stories used in the course. Also to communicate with their classmates and teacher using simple constructions and short phrases required to talk about commonplace daily topics.

Class length:

60 minutes, once a week

Number of students per class:


Making the most of their enthusiasm:

The activities throughout the course visibly awaken a contagious enthusiasm in the students of this age, an enthusiasm which the teachers encourage. Thanks to games, dances and stories, they will continue to internalise different elements of the language.

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  • Kids&Us Emma student class
  • Kids&Us Emma student class
  • Kids&Us Emma student class
  • Kids&Us Emma student class
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