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Discover the Kids&Us Ben&Brenda course


+8 years old

Ben and Brenda are two superheroes who must deal with several villains throughout the course. Students follow their adventures through comics, an attractive format that facilitates both reading as well as comprehension because the amount of text to read is manageable than in a story and the images help the students to understand the plot.

Course objectives:

To start reading and writing in order to achieve global communication skills in English.

Class length:

90 minutes, once a week

Number of students per class:


Reading and writing while still listening and speaking:

Despite being the first year that students read and write in English, we do not start with basics but continue to advance with their linguistic skills. The difference is that now we incorporate written practice into the classes in addition to oral interaction.

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  • Kids&Us Ben&Brenda student class
  • Kids&Us Ben&Brenda student class
  • Kids&Us Ben&Brenda student class
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