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English for Life, the new Kids&Us campaign

Every year at Kids&Us we start a new campaign, an annual campaign that connects everyone who is part of this world with our philosophy and fundamental purpose. Kids&Us is a universe that grows as infinity is our limit. The relentless thrust of growth drives us forever forwards, making us go faster and faster. And it’s precisely because of this that it is important for us to pause each year and focus on the brand essence so we don't lose sight of our direction.

Developing a campaign is a fascinating process and watching it come to life is incredibly rewarding. A new campaign begins to take shape more or less the day after the launch of the previous campaign, which tends to coincide with our annual convention. This is when, still on cloud nine, Susanna Sala, the creative driving force behind Kids&Us, and I shut ourselves away from everything else to brainstorm the next campaign. 

Each campaign has its own DNA. I see it as being similar to having a child. The parents are the same, yet the result is always different. In our previous campaigns, colour, drive and vitality have stood out while in this year's campaign what stands out most is the overwhelming emotional energy.

This time, we wanted to call upon parents and invite them to play a facilitating yet essential role in their children's lives. Parents play an incredibly important part and they have a vital mission - to give their children the tools to be the protagonists and directors of their own life, or better still their own story.

Just like a mother who brings her own child into the world, the mother in this campaign leaves her baby in the middle of an empty stage, which symbolises the child's future - a future in which everything needs to be built. Suddenly, the child is alone, barefoot in the warmth of the spotlight that illuminates her - a spotlight that will accompany her throughout the life she chooses.

In another image we have used, a baby is shown sitting on the director's chair, and we speak to him as if he were our child, reminding him that: "The world is your stage; don't ever forget it. Start training to be the director of your own film. Don't let your life control you but take control of your life."

This is just a taster of the concept you'll see reflected in all our campaign this year. We hope the inspiration that has been condensed in all the communication materials you will see throughout the following months will encourage you to transform your role as parents into the biggest part you will play in your whole life.

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