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Natàlia Perarnau, founder and creator of the Kids&Us method

As a person, I am who I am: a modern woman in a daily struggle to balance the three main roles in my life: being a woman, being a mother and having a career. I don't really consider myself an expert in anything, not even the thing which, at the end of the day, I spend most of my time on: my work. I think that the day I consider myself an expert in something will be the day I stop learning, because learning is an attitude, it is an endless journey. I can honestly say that, even after 47 years, not a day goes by where I don't learn something new. And the amazing thing is that what I learn comes from such diverse and often unexpected sources.

If I had to describe myself, I would use quite contrasting concepts, such as passion, reason and a touch of madness. I can be thoughtful and very rational, but when the spark of an idea ignites in my head, my reaction is pure passion, an overwhelming desire to see that idea materialise. Moreover, despite what people might think, passion has always driven my professional life while reason and common sense have guided my personal life.

In this blog which I'm starting today, my intention is not to lecture anybody, it is just to write about what I have experienced and express what I believe and feel, in both my personal and professional life. I hope that sharing this might trigger curiosity in other people or provide the sparks for ideas, like those which ignited my passion for discovery, change and learning.

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