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Thank you for staying at home


I can’t imagine a better way to start this post than by thanking all of you. Thank you to all of you who are at home; thank you to the incredible Kids&Us family who has adapted to the situation we are experiencing all over the world with a sense of responsibility; and thank you to all the boys and girls who are teaching us a lesson on how to get through these days with their ability to adapt to change. But, above all, I’d also like to thank those of you who are taking care of us every day, who are going head to head with Covid-19 at hospitals, medical services, and pharmacies; to the caretakers, cleaners, bakers; to everyone transporting goods; to the supermarket workers; to the public transportation workers; to the media and each and every person who is making the world go round now that so many of us have to stay at home.

Adjusting to sudden changes isn’t easy for a society used to comfort. From our positions of privilege, we haven’t ever experienced situations like what we are living now, and we couldn’t have imagined how we would react to being confined at home like this. Every day we are learning, and it isn’t easy but don’t forget that we will make it through and it will make us stronger, more responsible in terms of our lifestyle, and more empathetic. For now, we can only follow the recommendations and accept that the best way to fight against this virus is by staying at home. We’re in this together, and only if we stay together, we will be able to flatten that famous curve of contagion and avoid a saturation of our health care system.

As long as this situation goes on, our schools will remain closed. For this reason, we have created some complementary digital content to help all of our students stay in contact with English at home, and also to help them pass the time in a new way. We are aware that this content can’t ever substitute the contact and interaction that going to class provides, but we’re sure that, under these exceptional circumstances, it’s the best way for our students to keep practicing what they’ve learned up until now.

In addition, we have created a content series called Stay at Home that we would like to share with all of our families. Activities, crafts, videos, songs and choreography, recipes… We have made available to everyone everything that we think would help have a better time these days. This is our way of contributing to making the situation as bearable as possible. These are hard times, but in the case of mothers and fathers who are at home with their children, they also give us a unique opportunity. It’s not often that our “normal” everyday routine allows us to spend so much quality time with our children. Obviously, the situation isn’t ideal, but now more than ever, we have time to do activities and have fun together, so let’s take advantage of it.

Every week we’ll share a new entry including planned activities for the following days on social media and our blog (link). You can access it directly from the blog or, if you prefer, we can send you an e-mail to let you know when we upload new content.

I’d like to take this opportunity to send a warm virtual hug to everyone. Thank you.

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