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Kids are Back

There is no sand in my desert,

‘cause there are no shoes that can bring it,

it is always cold in my desert,

‘cause the sun hasn’t come for so long.

But there is something: an oasis,

pictures from the past to be heard,

the shouts, the laughters, the hours,  

the games of boys and girls, the small ones

and grown-ups, but lifes in the end that filled

with dust and with sand

as well as with smiles

This gap.

There are no plants

in my desert,

because they would just die of longing,

There is silence

in my desert,

and voices are just memories

of boys and girls filling the hall,

painting with laughters the whole,

the first week tears,

the hustle of teachers,

but in the end, that was life,

and for me

that was all.


JèssicAyala, director of Kids&Us Pineda de Mar

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