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Today, I would like to share my thoughts with you. Thoughts that have become the pillar of our Christmas campaign this year at Kids&Us: Share it!

I’m sure that on more than one occasion you have used or have heard someone use the phrase sharing is caring. Sometimes we say it lightly, without truly considering the value of its meaning. More often than not, we use the saying when we want someone to give us something that we need. However, take your time to think about the saying: sharing is caring.

When we talk about sharing on an emotional level, we mean the ability to share our feelings with the people around us. That is right, it is indeed an ability because it is not easy to let people into our bubble. By sharing our happiness, dreams, thoughts (like the ones you are reading now) ... we can start a healthy dialogue that allows us to build a sincere and long-lasting connection with others.

That is why we talk about sharing so much at Christmas. Whether it is down to our innate love of holidays or the cold weather at this time of year, we seek human warmth more than ever. What is more, the fact we are seeing the end of the pandemic adds another layer of meaning: we can finally be physically close to each other. Christmas is one of the few occasions where the whole family has a reason to get together and sit around the dinner table. It is the time to tell jokes or catch up on what has happened throughout the year. It is at this time we start to share all the challenges we have faced, what we have achieved, our New Year’s resolutions, the objectives we want to reach, our hopes for the future... By doing this, we find ourselves in a two-way conversation: by sharing, others want to share with you. That is why: sharing is caring, and you have to care about those around you to want to share.

In this year’s campaign, Say it in English!, we put the spotlight on the future generations and invited them to share their thoughts and opinions in English. After all, English is the perfect means to allow their message to spread as far as possible and, consequently, share it with more people.

Share it!

In line with this manifesto, we insist on the magic of sharing with our campaign Share it!, a statement of intent that seeks to highlight the importance of going beyond the material and providing our feelings with the time and space to be heard. Especially at this time of year when Christmas gives us both those things: time and space.

And closeness, of course. This December, finally, we can talk about closeness.

Take care, family.

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