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English doesn’t stop at Kids&Us

Our kids have been confined at home for more than 40 days. That’s more than 40 days converted into a load of intense family time, juggling between being able to attend to and cover all the physiological, learning, and entertainment needs. These days have put us all to the test and, without a doubt, have brought the out the best in us all.

The human being’s ability to adapt to changes is incredible. We have had good days and not so good days, but we have been able to adapt to this new reality, because as Charles Darwin said, adaptation is key to survival. Although he was talking about biological adaptation, today, as human beings, each one of us is surviving in their personal role - father, mother, child, or professional role, as in the case of the trainers who are part of Kids&Us, the role of educators.

At Kids&Us, we do not stand by while the world stops because we have more than one-third of the academic year still to go, and we cannot allow our children to start the following year with this content void. Since the beginning of the lockdown, we have been juggling to make every effort and use all our creativity to create content. This content was not intended to substitute the classroom experience. Still, it has been evolving and contributing increasingly more, coming as close as possible to everything that our students should be doing in the classroom. What began spontaneously to cover a one-off need for a couple of weeks, is now becoming an improved content adapted to the new circumstances. It has ended up as a concentration of all that essential content that will enable us to advance and be as prepared as possible for the next school year.

Besides, we are working to take the Kids&Us English to all those families who are interested. In our website, you will find new proposals each week: songs and dance routines, kitchen recipes, fun craft, and cartoons with the characters from our editorial line. It is our Stay at Home initiative, which aims to fill homes with moments of cheer and English practice.

The experts tell us that many things will change and that it will be difficult to get back to our lives before COVID-19 arrived, but we are sure of one thing that will not change: our willingness for boys and girls to learn English no matter what. And to do this, we have a willing, capable, and adaptable team.

Nothing will stop us because one thing that is extremely valuable and which we cannot recover is time. Our students have a series of years when they can dedicate their efforts exclusively to learning and preparing for their future. We believe that it is our responsibility that their training is not interrupted or their time wasted.

Situations like this one we are experiencing now, make us more resourceful and creative so that we can remain firm with our commitment, and the children can learn English, no matter what. Your kids are going to learn English, no matter what.

A big hug. We really miss you.

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