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The English language can be used as an exciting way of discovering what the world can offer. Passion for meeting new people, discovering new places and finding out about new cultures are some of the most valuable interests we can encourage in our children so that they want to learn foreign languages. 

Our great grandparents probably did not know what was happening in their neighbouring countries. The society our children live in today is so interconnected that they can follow events happening anywhere in the world, in real time. All this is made possible as a result of technology and children's enthusiasm. All they need in addition is the English language. It is evident that this is more necessary now than it was a century ago because the world has adopted English as the language of universal communication. Speaking English is no longer a skill required exclusively by adults but also represents a gateway into the world, enabling children to grow up and move freely in a global environment. English and technology are the tools that will give our children the opportunity to be whatever they want to be, without limits.

Natàlia Perarnau, founder and creator of the Kids&Us method

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