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A few days ago, we were celebrating a relative's birthday, and practically everyone in the family was there. I say "practically" because there are so many of us that there's always someone who can't make it for some reason or another.

During the party, I could feel the excitement in the air. It's difficult to describe, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about: when you go to a birthday and everyone smiles as they offer congratulations and seems inclined to enjoy themselves as they celebrate the occasion. It's like a general consensus; the atmosphere is charged with a sort of contagious optimism.

Arriving home that night, feeling happy, I wondered to myself how many days per year we spend celebrating something. I began counting the birthdays. Yes, birthdays are unquestionably a cause for celebration. That was four days. Then there were certain relatives’ name days, our wedding anniversary, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, dinner on New Year's Eve and lunch on New Year's Day. In my family, we also celebrate Epiphany and Saint George's Day in April, which is a significant date and a really beautiful celebration in Catalonia. Saint John's Eve in June marks the start of summer, and, ever since we've had children, we always try to have a get-together to celebrate it.

I tried to think of any other days we celebrate, and I remembered certain friends who always have special parties for their birthdays. In the end, I realised that the total was about thirty days. That's one month of celebrating per year.

That might sound like a lot of days, but then I realised that it isn't really that many. Should I really consider myself lucky for celebrating "only" 30 of the 365 days in the year?

The fact is, we have many things to celebrate, but we don't often manage to get the people around us on board and to make things happen. This is key. The first step is convincing yourself that something is worth celebrating, and the second is to make those around you feel the same way. With this in mind, I started making a list of other things we might celebrate in my family:

*The first day of the holidays, all four of us together.

*The day I met my husband.

*The day we opened our first Kids&Us school.

*The day my husband joined the Kids&Us project.

*The eve of existing celebrations. People say the eve of happiness is the happiest day, so let's also celebrate the evening before days when we celebrate.

*The day my son and my daughter first said "Mummy" and "Daddy" (I must confess that I have the dates written down in a notebook).

*The day we moved into our current apartment.

*And so the list goes on.

I realised that we really should be celebrating many more things, because by celebrating happy days in the past, by remembering and reliving them, they become happy days in the present.

Following this logic, and because classes started a few weeks ago in many Kids&Us schools, I decided to celebrate with my family. There's a good reason to celebrate: the Kids&Us courses started at this time of year 15 years ago. If you'd have told me that fifteen years ago, I'd never have believed it. What a joy!

What will you be celebrating?

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