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15 years young!

We are so fortunate to be able to start the year twice: the first time is on January  1st, and the second is when our courses begin again after the summer holidays, with the start of a new academic year. This time of year is another chance for us to revive those New Year's resolutions such as joining a gym, going on a diet or finally learning a foreign language. September marks a fresh start on the road to achieving the goals we set ourselves and can be a springboard for the final third of the calendar year.

At Kids&Us, we are expecting a very special year, as we will be celebrating our fifteenth anniversary. I know it's hard to believe that we're 15 years old already! What's even more incredible is that the students who joined us at the very beginning, those now in the Subscription 2 courses, will be reaching the end of their journey with Kids&Us.

We have been working on lots of great new initiatives, which I will tell you about in due course, because we want to celebrate with you, and because it is thanks to you that we have come this far. For now though, here are couple of things you can expect to see this year:

  • If Kids&Us was a person, we would be a millennial, right? To prove it, this year we will once again be reaching beyond the classroom with the launch of My Locker, an app with pedagogical material for the courses. Students from Mousy to Ben&Brenda will be able to find audio tracks (goodbye CDs), stories and games featuring their course characters, and exclusive videos which can only be watched via the app. 
  • We have also prepared an app called Tuned In for the Tweens 4 course, which has loads of short audio tracks, activities and games related to the world of basketball.

And we have not stopped there, at Kids&Us we are constantly adapting to changes and innovating so that we can surprise you and take English learning beyond the classroom in ways that are enjoyable and, above all, stimulating. There are many more new things to tell you about, but you will discover these over the course of the year. This is just a little sample of what to expect.

In the meantime, embrace September and don't let it pass you by. Make the most of the fact that we always have another chance to achieve our goals!

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