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Being born, growing up, maturing, and becoming independent: these are the key moments in any being’s life, as well as that of a project, be it professional or personal. Natural and healthy progress which is expected.

If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that, in this current context, after living a worldwide pandemic, we have learnt in one year what would have taken us at least five under normal circumstances. Most importantly, we digitalised the Kids&Us method and we did it in record breaking time to ensure our students continued to learn no matter what scenario they were in. 

At the end of the day, everything we do is for them: our students, our children, our future adults. Without a doubt, after what we have been through, they have learnt something from us that is not only English. We have shown them that we have resisted, that we have not conformed to simply doing online classes, rather we have gone a step further and completely evolved our method. Although occasionally things are not always perfect, what counts is the effort and desire, and the willingness to never give up. I could not leave out the lessons the children have taught us as well, us being the families and adults in general. They have taught us many things throughout these adverse situations, but the main one for me is this: their ability to adapt. It has been fascinating to watch how they have adapted to a highly restricted environment, and not only that but do so happily and in some situations with more discipline than adults. For many children, transitioning to learning in an online environment was fluid, considering how abruptly it happened.

I think of my two children, and of yours too, and I cannot help but feel we have set a great example for them: they have seen us suffer, fight and overcome obstacles, obstacles that, like every human, they too will have to face at some point.

To this day we are still outside our comfort zone. However, I am sure that, although everything may go back to normal, each and every one of us have been changed. We have come face to face with a great truth: change is inevitable

Personally, I like to compare us to the ecosystem of a forest, as if each of us were a tree. Some taller, some shorter. Some more exposed to sunlight, others less. But, in essence, we have all undergone a change that we have had to acclimatise to. No matter what part of the forest we are rooted in, the reality is that we all form a part of this huge ecosystem that surrounds us. And, as humans, we have been able to face a once in a lifetime event, and band together to slowly return to what we call normality.

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