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Kids&Us: 800 hearts beating in unison

In the past, I have told you how passionate I am about my work. I am happy, and I like to think that what we are currently doing at Kids&Us has a real impact on the future lives of our students. I am excited to see how the hard work we put in every day is transformed into a tangible future for our children. It makes me feel energised and spurs me on to continue writing our story.

I feel as if I am still coming back down to earth following the latest Kids&Us Convention, which brought together more than 800 people who share the same dream. Finding words to explain how I felt during the Convention in San Sebastian is difficult. Beyond the work sessions, beyond presenting new developments for the forthcoming school year, and beyond launching our annual campaign, I went away from the convention feeling the awe-inspiring aftermath of an explosion of sensations and emotions.

Knowing that I had like-minded people around me, seeing the excitement shining in the eyes of our travelling companions and sensing how passionate they are about the project we share was an incredibly intense experience. For another year running, all our energies flowed together like one heartbeat, pumping enthusiasm and renewing motivation, which is so essential for completing our mission.

If I were able to travel to the future, I would want it to be a colourful place with different generations of open-minded people who are able to understand and communicate with each other through their English. It would make me happy to see how our current students achieve their goals, in part because of the English they have learned with us. We are motivated by the certainty that everything we do today will help make the world a better place, because we’re offering our children a fundamental tool - a new language.

Everyone who is part of this great family - teachers, school directors, franchisees, parents and students: we are the hand, pen and ink needed to continue writing the unforgettable story of this amazing project.

Together we will continue to dream, and together we’ll turn our dream into a real story. Are you with us?


* Photo: Kids&Us Convention 2017 - Donostia 

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