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Kids&Us: 5 reasons to smile at the new course

And finally, it's September again. We are starting up again, with those butterflies in the stomach that you get with all new beginnings, but this time with a new feeling caused by a completely different world environment.

We are starting a new year with enthusiasm, with excitement and with the certainty that this will be the most eagerly anticipated return to class of the last few years. We are ready! We have taken all the health and safety measures decreed by the relevant authorities and we have not stopped there. We have revised all our protocols to make our schools safe spaces for everyone: students, families, and employees.

We have also digitised our method because we cannot afford to waste a single day of class. We do not want our students to miss out on the opportunity cost of learning: the time they cannot spend learning will be irretrievable. With this in mind, we have created our own virtual space where we can continue with online classes and where we will have new additional material for all the courses in case we have to go under temporary quarantine for health reasons.

This is why we have reasons to smile again:

  • Because our classrooms are filling up with children again.
  • Because we can see how our students learn.
  • Because the digitalization of our method is a reality.
  • Because we continue to have the trust of our families.
  • And because, no matter what happens, our students will continue to learn English — the best English possible.

Our commitment to families is stronger than ever. Your children, our students, will learn English no matter what, in any environment, in our schools or at home, if the situation requires it.

To all of you, welcome back!

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