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Natàlia Perarnau, founder and creator of the Kids&Us method

The New Year has just started, and with it come New Year's resolutions -some weighty, others less so- as well as the firm declaration that, this year, yoga classes are most definitely on the ‘to-do’ list. I'm talking about myself, of course. And even though, at Kids&Us, we move with the school terms, which means that for us the year starts in September, this time of year is also inevitably a time to take stock and reflect.

I could make a wish list and hope that 2017 brings me everything I want, but I know for a fact that nothing will come of the New Year that I have not already put down roots for. I know just how difficult it is to make dreams come true. I also know that luck has little to do with it. And if it did, I would be both surprised and disappointed, but it would change absolutely nothing, as I would still be working as hard as I could. Because of all this, I have made a list of New Year's resolutions. Now, I have 365 days ahead of me to fulfil them. To some, they will seem realistic, to others, probably not very, but here they are - my New Year's resolutions for 2017.

  • I will continue doing my work with genuine feeling and I will continue developing myself professionally to be able to do my job better.
  • I will not get cross about silly things.
  • I will focus more on positive things and less on negative ones.
  • I will think more about what I am and less about what I could have been, when reflecting on my life.
  • I will spend time with my teenage children (or at least try to spend time with them, as I am sure that my resolution is directly and inversely proportional to their own New Year’s resolutions).

Actually, this year I really will sign up for yoga classes, and you are my witnesses. Any other recommendations?

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